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Open-Source Molecule Editor and Viewer. Edit, compute, analyze and visualize chemical formulas. Formula Editor, 3D Rendering, Exporter, Video Module, Shaders, Antialiasing, Analysis Tools


  • Edit Chemical Formulas
  • Calculate Threedimensional Structures
  • GPU Accelerated Rendering
  • Image and Video Export
  • Chemical Analysis Tools
  • Antialiasing, Pixel- and Vertexshaders
  • Periodic System, Oxidation Numbers, stc.
  • Realtime 3D Graphics
  • Free and Open-Source

System Requirements

Shader 1.4 capable Graphics Card

.NET Framework 2.0 oder higher

DirectX 9.0 (


Sourceforge Project

Installer Download

Standalone Download

Demo Video

DNA Simulation (Video)


Manual [middle mouse button] move view [mouse wheel] zoom [keyboard] select element by code or name View Mode [left mouse button] select [shift + left mouse button] multi-select Edit Mode [left mouse button] place atom [right mouse button] draw bond [shift] draw double bond [Alt/Strg/Ctrl] draw triple bond